jeudi 10 mai 2007

Eidos Montreal...

Really big news coming from Eidos Montreal (new studio)

the studio will be operational starting in September with 30-40 people on staff.

The news : they're gonna make the sequel to the serie DEUS EX!!!!!!

Thats soooo cool!!

I'd be glad to work on that ... some day ...


To end all "Rumours" there is the video of the interview :

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faelnor a dit…

Hi there Sébastien. Could you give us a little more insight on how you came up with that kind of info ?

If that's true, that's indeed BIG :D


Sebastien Guay a dit…

Yes this is no rumours... it was indeed confirmed on the tv Show M.Net on Musique Plus last thursday by Eidos France manager.

He also talked about Tomb Raider's anniversary.

Sebastien Guay a dit…

Confirmed by Patrick Melchior, general manager of Eidos France

faelnor a dit…

Super, merci ! En espérant que ce nouveau titre soit loin, très loin du semi-ratage de Deus Ex : Invisible War.
Et en espérant que tu puisses bosser dessus si jamais tu souhaites travailler chez Eidos :)